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Jack of all trades and master of none? Heck no. I've been working in the creative industry for 20 years and during that time my "profession" has evolved fluidly, crossing between my personal and professional passions. From freelance designer and art director to artist and surface designer, I have a well armed toolbox bursting with relevant and transferable skills and experience.

I have worked for the past thirteen years as a freelance graphic designer. I graduated from a degree with distinction in Visual Communication majoring in photography and digital imaging, giving me an eye and aptitude for stunning visuals and compelling storytelling.

I started my career working predominantly in editorial, and from there I’ve had the pleasure of working with global brands in the fashion and luxury sector in London and Sydney, Australia. I’ve art directed magazines in travel, lifestyle, B2B and tech. 

My branding experience covers logo and brand identity design to brand rollouts for print and digital communication channels from printed documents, packaging, to event displays, social media and strategy, web design and digital marketing.

When it comes to branding, I love working with small business. Working with someone with an idea, helping to bring it to life for the first time, or taking an existing brand and elevating it to it's full potential inspires me to put in my all.

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A message from Hillary...

Hi! Thanks for reading all the way to the end of the page! In case somehow you missed it along the way: I’m an artist, illustrator, and surface designer in Barcelona. I craft vibrant artwork and products inspired by nature, botanicals, and pop culture.
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