In late 2022, luxury whisky brand The Macallan brought together creative agency Potlatch based in Barcelona and world-renowned American graphic designer David Carson, to create an identity for the release of a celebratory range: The Colour Collection, due to launch in late 2023.

The release coincided with their logo refresh and collaboration with David Carson, who created over 200 original artworks in his signature style highlighting the colours, flavours and textures of the natural forces coming together to create an exceptional range of whiskies.

I contracted to Potlatch as an Art Director to generate ideas and produce mockups for the campaign launch. The brief was to find new ways of presenting the artworks and releasing the product, available only through global travel retail.

The campaign concepts presented to the client explored different immersive ways to experience David Carsons work:

  • Complete brand takeover of large scale travel spaces such as airport terminals, luggage conveyer belts, check-in counters, business and first class lounges and billboard advertising in and around the airport.

  • An exhibition in an exclusive gallery space, creating ways for viewers to interact with the artworks displayed on large scale light boxes using augmented/virtual reality and large scale light projections.

  • Landscape installation in the vineyards of Jerez or The Macallan Estate.

  • The use of drone swarms, illuminating the night sky with the new brand.

  • User interaction with the artworks using AR technology. The user would interact with the bottles or packaging to unlock "secret" content on their smartphone.

The solution was an interactive digital art exhibition touring from London, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Dubai and Singapore both at international airports and exclusive event spaces such as Somerset House.

Exhibition visitors were invited to embark on a guided journey through the gallery to explore David Carsons work inspired by The Macallan whisky making process. The artworks were showcased on large scale light boxes. Inside the 'Time Tunnel', visitors learnt about the maturation of whisky and the natural elements that come together to produce the colours and flavours of the collection, brought to life using Augmented Reality technology. The culmination of the experience was a whisky tasting with canapés.

The artwork was also displayed on the packaging of the whiskies for consumers to take home from their travels.

Campaign Concepts

Campaign Execution

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