Cats on Vacation

This collection was inspired by the disaster that was moving my cats to Barcelona from Sydney. Instead of a direct flight via a brief stop in Doha, problems with the airline meant either the cats stayed in quarantine for 3 months in the UAE or they had to take an alternate route. My poor cats went Sydney to Singapore to Milan to Madrid and then were driven up to Barcelona in a car. As indoor only cats, their forced “vacation” around the world got me thinking what they would do if given the chance to choose where and what they’d do with their holidays. Shopping in Paris? Lazing in the Italian Sun or partying hard in Mexico? This idea inspired the characters for the Cats on Vacation series.

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Hi! Thanks for reading all the way to the end of the page! In case somehow you missed it along the way: I’m an artist, illustrator, and surface designer in Barcelona. I craft vibrant artwork and products inspired by nature, botanicals, and pop culture.
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