Growth Coaching International provides professional learning to education leaders through workshops and teaching programs that allow teachers to better facilitate lessons and workshops in an effective and professional manner.

They required a refreshed look and feel to apply to all their marketing collateral and teaching tools that conveyed a dynamic, approachable, yet professional feel. Inspiration was taken from the company logo which was based on the ‘speech bubble’ concept of conversation, their mission statement being “Enhancing the quality of conversations in education communities”. The speech bubble concept became a visual mark through image placement, text callouts and popup icons. A secondary colour palette was introduced, featuring a deep navy to offset the orange and add a sense of trust and authority. 

The look and feel was then rolled out to include a range of collateral including their program schedules, website presence, teaching and marketing collateral.

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Hi! Thanks for reading all the way to the end of the page! In case somehow you missed it along the way: I’m an artist, illustrator, and surface designer in Barcelona. I craft vibrant artwork and products inspired by nature, botanicals, and pop culture.
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