M&ME Branding

Meredith and Mary-Ellen are bee-keepers from Sydney’s North Shore. They approached ume for a brand and packaging solution for their honey based products. As their business (which began as a hobby and has turned into a side business) continues to expand, they hope to eventually distribute their products through retail outlets such as gift stores and boutique grocers.

The logo was made up of the initials of Meredith and Mary-Ellen with a hand drawn ampersand, reflecting the personal passion and painstaking time and attention they put into caring for their bees.

As for packaging, two directions were presented to cater for the breadth of distribution for their products- a personal and premium range.

Personal range: The chocolate brown logo was paired with natural coloured paper stock with a tactile quality, fastened with string,  reflecting the handmade nature of the products- be they honey jar labels, gift tags or belly bands for soap.

Premium Range: These packaging items featured the chocolate brown logo paired with a glossy white paper stock for premium gift products such as their honey scented votive candles and beauty products.

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